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What Is a Behavior Checklist?

A behavior checklist is a kind of checklist to monitor children’s attitude and performance in the class. This kind of checklist is used by a teacher to help them to assess their students. There are some characteristics that you need to know about behavior checklist, and those are:

  • You can find a pattern of students’ behavior and monitor them.
  • You can take notice if there is something wrong with the students.
  • You can monitor their performance in the class, for instance how they participate in answering teacher’s questions.
  • You can also monitor their social interactions between the students itself, or between students and the teacher.

Employee Behavior Checklist

Tips In Making A Behavior Checklist?

As you may know that behavior checklist templates help the teacher to monitor their students, here are some tips to make behavior-based safety observation checklist templates for you.

  1. Include basic information in the data, such as students’ names, class, and other basic information.
  2. The most common behavior checklist is using table form.
  3. There should be a different category in each row, such as the kind of behavior that students have or the problems that students faced in their class.
  4. In each row, there will always a column where you can insert your checks.
  5. Add numbers and also a description of each category to make the checklist becomes more specific.

Preschool Behavior Checklist

Behavior Checklist Templates

Here is an example of preschool behavior checklist templates that you can use for your teaching and learning class later on. Besides, this behavior checklist template is not an absolute checklist, so you can change and remove some points based on your class situation as much as you want.

Preschool Behavior Checklist

By: …………………

Students’ Name: ……………..                      Age: … years old                    Class: ……………..

Date: …………..

Check EACH statement with the number that suits the students’ behavior in the blank space below. To get a good result, please use the same aged students as a “norm” for comparing the students’ behavior and performance.

  1. Students never do this behavior before
  2. Students do this behavior rarely
  3. Students do this behavior occasionally
  4. Students do this behavior often
  5. Students do this behavior very often

Student Behavior Checklist Template

Statements 1 2 3 4 5
Student doesn’t complete the tasks          
Student acts before thinking          
Student runs and or climbs a great deal          
Student cannot make a good friend          
Student has night terrors (parents only)          
Student doesn’t want to listen to the lesson          
Student is easily to get bored          
Student has trouble with seated          
Student does a daydream in class          
Student has sleepwalking (parents only)          
Student doesn’t have a good concentration          
Student has difficulty to organize work          
Student has difficulty to sit still          
Student doesn’t show emotional expression          
Student has difficulty to fall asleep (parents only)          
Student is to get distracted easily          
Student interrupts or speaks out of turn          
Student on the go a great deal          
Student slows to use material          
Student is bedwetting (parents only)          
Student has difficulty completing the tasks          
Student needs a lot of supervision from teacher          
Student moves a lot in the daytime          
Student slows in responding situation or people          
Student has difficulty to be awakened once asleep          
Student has a trauma (parents only)          


Based on this behavior checklist template, this kind of templates is also called as preschool behavior checklist templates and categorized as behavior-based safety observation checklist templates. Again, you can rearrange the statements as you want based on your current class situation.

Sample Behavior Checklist Templates

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