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Do you plan to hold a basketball match, recently? This sport often emerges in the school, campus, national, and international matches. Anything the level of the competition, you need this basketball score sheet template.  This template helps you to input and calculate the scores of the math easily. Download this kind of the sheet without spending much money even it is free. This page not only provides a free printable basketball score sheet template but also it is fast downloading. Besides that, the option to choose is very many.

Generic Basketball Score Sheet

12 Free Download Basketball Score Sheet Template in Minutes

Do you know the origin of basketball? You must know that Dr. James Naismith is the inventor of the sport in 1891. He created this sport game using a soccer ball and peach baskets that nailed on the pole. Naismith made it in 13 original rules and played it indoor because it was winter at that time. Anyway, Naismith was the physical education teacher at the YMCA with the address in Springfield, Massachusetts.

High School Basketball Score Sheet Template

Well, that is a little bit a story about the history of basketball. Nowadays, it uses a different ball and everyone can play it outside. Turn back to the competition that you will hold, see 12 sample basketball score sheet template designs:

  1. Score Sheet PDF Template for Junior Basketball
  2. Printable PDF Template of Basketball Score
  3. PDF Score Sheet Template for Basketball League
  4. Sample Score Sheet Template PDF of Individual Basketball Skill
  5. Generic Sheet Template PDF for Basketball Score
  6. PDF Score Sheet Template for Elementary Basketball
  7. Score Sheet Template in PDF for Basketball Tournament
  8. Template of Score Sheet of Basketball in PDF for Senior High School
  9. PDF Blank Sheet Template for Basketball Score
  10. Simple Score Sheet Template in General format for Basketball
  11. Blank Stat Sheet of Basketball Score in General Template Format
  12. General Score Sheet Template of Basketball in General Format

Individual Basketball Score Sheet Sample

Facts that you never know before about Basketball

All this time, you might merely know how to play this sport game. However, you might never hear some facts about this sport. So, let’s see as your insight:

  • In 1936, Dr. Naismith could watch basketball in an Olympic sport for the first time
  • The National Basketball Association comes from two basketball leagues is that the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League.
  • Formerly, each team consists of nine players but now it is only five.
  • Dribbling becomes part of the rules in basketball starts in the 1950s.
  • It turns out the basketball will bounce more when it plays in the warm weather.
  • Formerly, there was an option to choose which player will shoot the free throw. However, it changes become the person who fouled that will do it since in 1923.
  • Adidas becomes the official manufacturer that makes all NBA uniforms.
  • Meanwhile, the official basketballs for the NBA are only from Spalding.
  • The Spalding basketball contains 122 bumps per inch.

Junior Basketball Score Sheet Template

Well, you surely never suppose that you will get new information on basketball. It is completely beyond your imagination and original purpose. So, come back again to download other templates both have posted and the waitlist. Okay, thank you for reading and downloading the basketball score sheet template. Good luck!

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Basketball Score Sheet Sample

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