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Being overwhelmed by the process of setting up your baby boy registry is certainly understandable. As your baby boy will mostly need so much stuff, it will not be easy to figure out which ones are the baby boy registry must-haves. Thankfully, by setting up some sample baby boy registry checklist, your job will be a lot easier. When making your checklist, you can include everything that you consider to be necessary for your baby boy since there are no right and wrong answers. It is completely up to you as your baby boy may require different and more specific items. Here is an example of sample baby boy registry checklist consisting list of goods that may inspire you of what your baby boy will need. Hopefully, it can help you to pick the befitting items for your baby boy.

Newborn Baby Boy Essential Registry Checklist


Choose convenient clothing for your baby boy

While choosing the layette, consider the one-piece sleepers as they are the must-have items. Other befitting items like newborn hats, hoodie jackets, socks, large blanket, and stretchy pants are also necessary to keep your baby boy warm. Simply choose the colors that will suit a baby boy such as blue, black, or green for these items.


Include different kinds of diaper Baby Boy Registry Checklist

Since various kinds of baby boy diapers have been invented nowadays, you can consider putting them on your lists as well. You can choose both cloth diapers or disposable diapers. Choosing carefully what kind of diaper that will be suitable for your baby boy at any time and occasion is crucial. The sample baby boy registry checklist also suggests you inserting optional diapering accessories such as changing table or diaper bags as they will ease your activity of changing your baby boy’s diaper.

Ultimate Registry Checklist for Baby Boy


Choose safe bathing items Baby Boy Registry Checklist

Another important thing that should be covered in the sample baby boy registry checklist is choosing safe bathing items for your baby boy. You ought to use a plastic infant tube and pick soft towels to avoid skin irritation. Always consider picking baby wash items such as soap and shampoo which contain safe ingredients.

Pick comfortable sleeping items for your baby boy
Crib, mattress, mattress covers, and fitted sheets will be the essential sleeping items for your baby boy. Always remember to pick a nice soft fabric so that it will not cause skin irritation.


Include baby gear

There will be a time when your baby boy is outside. So, the sample baby boy registry checklist suggests you including lists of baby gear. You can include a baby stroller or baby carrier to carry your baby boy while walking outside.

First Baby Boy Registry Checklist Example


It should be noted that some of the lists given on the checklist above are editable. You can customize and put other items that you think are necessary for your baby boy. Each baby can have different physical conditions, so you changing the lists or adding particular things is always acceptable to cover up your baby boy’s needs. You can also look for baby registry checklist PDF or ultimate baby registry checklist PDF for more various types of checklist.