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Dealing with asthma is surely not an easy thing to do. Managing it properly is vital for those who are suffering from this kind of disease to maintain their life quality. Even though it may be a very complex to face, but knowing how to handle asthma can make you prevent as well as mitigate its effect. An asthma action plan is a handy tool that will ease your job while dealing with asthma. In this article, you will be given an asthma action plan example that can make you recognize any kind of asthma conditions, the details, and steps that should be given as a response.

  • Understand The Characteristics Of Asthma Action Plan

The basic and most important thing to note when you decide to create your asthma action plan is to completely understand its characteristics. A good asthma action plan will cover some of these characteristics such as given in the written form, designed especially for each of the patient, prescribed individually and not given as a general example, including specific information that allows both patient and the caretaker to recognize some worse conditions, and providing details of action when the condition of the patient gets worse.

AAAAI Asthma Action Plan

  • Include Some Basic Details In your Asthma Action Plan

The next essential thing that should be mentioned in your asthma action plan is including some basic details. You can attach it to your action plan by stating information such as the name of the patient, the patient doctor’s contact details, the patient’s emergency contact such as their family or spouses, some factors that can worsen or trigger the patient’s asthma, the specific kind of medications that the patient is taking and prescribed to treat his or her asthma named clearly, symptoms that can indicate worsening the asthma condition, any particular medicine that should be taken based on the signs that appear, and the contact numbers that can be called when any emergencies happen such as the patient’s carer, the healthcare provider, and the local hospital nearby.

Asthma Action Plan for Children Template

  • Comprehending The Asthma Zones

Comprehending the asthma zones is also crucial. Each asthma action plan is usually divided into three zones which shows the level of asthma that the patient is in. This zone system and colors suggest how the patient’s asthma should be treated from day to day such as green zone which indicates that the patient is feeling well, yellow that shows the patient is experiencing symptoms of asthma and should be watched out, and the red zone which means the danger zone in which the patient is suffering from severe asthma symptoms and need an immediate action such as by being taken to the doctor or hospital.

American Lung Association Asthma Action Plan for Home and School Template

Once you have followed all instructions in the asthma action plan template above, it is hoped that you can create a proper action plan for asthma yourself. Since it is changeable, you can always modify it by including some other useful tips and instructions that may assist you better and suit your condition best. You can also seek for asthma action plan pdf for other kinds of templates that can serve as other additional references.