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Being an artist is not easy because you are vulnerable to copyright violations, theft, and plagiarism. The easy access to the internet nowadays brings many benefits while harming you with such things. Therefore, some basic terms such as obligations, conditions, and considerations need to be set up by the representatives and artists before they are dealing with the business relationship.

Artist Licensing Agreement Template

On this page, we provide you the artist contract template free as a way to make a perfect agreement that will help you write down the arrangements and details about your artwork in a professional way. In cases you want to remove some points, you can delete it because this template is editable and customizable.

Artist Management Agreement Template

We also provide the makeup artist contract template free with other beneficial templates you might find interesting. You can modify the template according to the desired condition and also the situation.

The Importance Of An Agreement?

When you are dealing with the transaction, it means you are dealing with a business. The agreement will save you from unnecessary disputes in the future. Furthermore, there are some other benefits you can get by having the agreement:

  • Confirmation – Written agreement is much better than the verbal agreements which often end up with which one is true and not. With the written agreement, it is easier for you to confirm the order and deal because it is a valid proof.
  • Protection – As an artist that is entering the business relationship, all the terms, rules and conditions should be written. In the future, if you need a legal action this document will help you a lot!
  • Assurance – A written document promotes a profitable deal with appropriate compensation and also profit sharing. This will avoid both parties from being scammed too.

Artist Performance Agreement Template

What Are The Agreement Elements?

There are some elements you should include to make your agreement perfect and easy to understand, which are:

  • Adding Details – Just like other agreements, the personal details including the information should be clearly stated in the documents.
  • Time Frame – Make sure the agreement also includes the specific period of how long this will apply. Include the clause of how long the agency represents your work. Include also another clause just in case no artwork is sold.
  • Geographic Exclusivity – Another party who is representing the work should be mentioned in the agreement. This also includes the capacity of the control toward your work.
  • Percentage Split – Usually, the price of the artwork is stated separately between the artist and their representatives. State that the agencies are not allowed to make price markup and leave you with lower profit.

Music Artist Agreement Template

There are other things you should consider before making a business partnership with another party. Make sure both parties agree with the agreements and sign it up. The one-sided agreement will not work in front of the law. Also, ensure you only do a partnership with someone you really know and trust. There are lots of scammer outside there that are ready to steal your work.

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Sample Artist Agreement Template

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