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Every company that hires an apprentice should make an agreement so this will be considered legal. You need the apprenticeship agreement format which helps you write down the terms and conditions about being an apprentice on your company. Besides, the apprentice will know their responsibilities and rights during the apprentice period.

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Apprenticeship Agreement Example and Template

Our website provides the apprenticeship agreement example and template that can help you write down your details to be signed by them. This agreement has a set of rules of employment and apprentice. It includes personal information and relationship between two parties. Besides, the agreement will legally tie both of them.

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If you are looking for a professional agreement template, you are in the right place. This helps you create a written record for each apprentice that is going to work in your place. It comes with a fully customizable format such as PDF and DOC formats.

Reasons To Use Apprenticeship Agreement

The written agreement always becomes the best tool to record any kind of business activity including the apprenticeship agreement. The apprenticeship agreement format enables you to record all of the terms and conditions and the form of a relationship between the apprentice and the company. This includes certain information about the validity of the apprentice period as well as the duration of training. It comes with information about the obligation and rights of both parties.

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How Does the apprenticeship Agreement Brings Benefits To Both Parties?

The apprenticeship will gain skills and qualifications for the person who is joining the activity. It is beneficial for his/her portfolio. For companies, this will help them looking for a candidate in the future. Usually, a company uses this way when they need regeneration. So, vice versa. The company gets the cheaper way to finish a certain task while investing a candidate and also the apprentice gets more skill. Furthermore, there are other benefits to underline such as:

  • Apprentices Get Paid – Generally, people who are in apprenticeship will get paid in monthly wage. Of course, the number of payments will be different from the regular employee and it also depends on the country’s minimum wage. However, they will get more payment once they can develop their skills.
  • Apprentice Get Almost The Same Rights Like Regular Employees – Some basic rights for the apprentices are they days off, receive payment on holiday sessions, etc. However, this depends on each agreement and local laws applied.
  • Get More Skills – It is like we have been discussed before. Signing up as an apprentice can help someone gain more skill. Most companies appoint someone as an instructor to give guidance to the apprentices. Therefore, if they have some doubts, then they can refer to the instructor for some information. If there is no appointed instructor, a manager is the last person to ask as the reference.
  • Gain More Experience – It is not easy to have a positive portfolio. By signing as an apprentice, someone can gain more experience which is beneficial for their portfolio.

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