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Free Download Annual Fundraising Plan Sample Templates: How To Construct A Proper Fundraising Plan

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Nonprofit organizations such as smaller charitable and start-up organizations mostly operate without preparing any fundraising plan beforehand. So, it finally results in a panic mode once they finally decide to organize an event or a project. As they usually create a small group as a committee to organize the event, they will come up with flyers, posters and letter templates to get sponsors. Another thing such as racing to the donors and corporations to seek for funding are also mostly done. These chaotic situations will not happen if you have an annual fundraising plan in your hand. Some examples of printable annual fundraising plan template have been constructed to give you a hand in dealing with your fundraising issue. This article will specifically talk about one example of them that comes in several easy steps to guide you through all the obstacles of fundraising issues.

How to Create a Fundraising Plan

Decide The When and The Who Of Your Annual Fundraising Plan

The most crucial step in making your annual fundraising plan is by deciding who will write it down and when it should be started.  It should be noted that the sooner you start making your plan, the better the outcomes will be. You must think of what points you should cover in your plan at least for a week then write down your actual plan. Your fundraising plan should be started at the start of the year or even sooner. As for who should be instructed to do it, assign the leader of your development team to brainstorm and write the plan. Surely, it must also come along with the approval of your executive director as well as the board of larger organizations. It is also suggestible to seek advice from any qualified or experienced consultant as they have specialized in constructing fundraising plans.

Simple Fundraising Plan Template

State The Goal Of Your Fundraising Plan

Having decided the when and who of your fundraising plan, the next step covered in the annual fundraising plan should be stating the goal of your fundraising plan clearly. It will indicate what exactly your overall goal for the year is and for the next few years after. You ought to properly discuss it according to what your organization needs. This usually covers the amount of money will be needed to raise to make the activities for the whole year possible.

Declare The Mission Of Your Fundraising Plan

The last but not the least, your annual fundraising plan must also mention about its mission. You must address questions such as how much money will be required and the mission should provide the answer to this question properly.

Sample Fundraising Plan

By following all instructions in the template above, it is hoped that you can create a proper fundraising plan for your organization. Since it is editable, you can always edit it by including some other useful tips and instructions that may assist you better and suit your organization’s condition best. You can also seek for annual fundraising plan sample for other kinds of templates that can serve as other additional references.