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The administrative service agreement template is something very common searched by people who are working in the administrative department. This is an agreement between the administrative service provider and you which contains certain responsibilities, service, and rate.

Professional Administrative Services Agreement Template

On this page, we provide the best administrative service you can optimize. You can edit it for free and customize it as you need. There are various templates to pick so you can suit it with your need.

Service Agreement Sample

It is one of the sample agreement for a service agreement. This is generally used as a part of the sale. You will use this template if you are working or dealing with purchasing fields such as cars, electronics, and appliances.

Employer Administrative Services Agreement Template

Furthermore, developing a service agreement need the help of a lawyer so it is enforceable by the law. In the contract, you will find legal disputes because there must be some failures such as contract errors, failures of delivering the services or even rectification. Mostly this agreement is set in appliance or gadget stores.

In our templates, we have included several elements to help you make a better agreement so you can minimize the mistakes, such as:

  • Title of the agreement which is addressed
  • The agreement of the employer
  • The duty and other relevant details needed to be done
  • Warranties, representations and also covenants.
  • Adjustments and amendments
  • Compensation and payments
  • Complete agreements

Health Plan Administrative Services Agreement Template

Types Of Administrative Services Agreement Template We Have

Insurance service agreement – This agreement talks about the insurance details and it is used in insurance things or other related terms.

  • Support service agreement – This is generally used in any office which includes answering phones, scheduling, taking dictation, typing and others.
  • Intercompany service agreement – This agreement is made for the affiliated company or administrative service served by the parent company or other regional company.
  • Client service agreement – The applicable service to the clients.
  • Administrative service agreement healthcare – This agreement is purposed for health benefit and it is administered by the party that is responsible for the healthcare field.

Retirement Plan Administrative Services Agreement Template

You have so many things to do with your business and it is not easy to decide which one to do first. This administrative service agreement will help you specify the duration, responsibilities and the rate of the service whether you need full- or part-time assistance. Now, you can download our template for free here!

Furthermore, you can use this agreement under the following circumstances:

  • If you are going to provide administrative service to a business or a company as an independent contractor.
  • If you are hiring a contractor that is responsible for the administrative service.

Intercompany Administrative Services Agreement Template

There are also some important components you should include when making the service agreement, which are:

  • Scope of work
  • Term of agreement
  • Termination details
  • Compensation
  • Independent contractor
  • Modification of agreement
  • Notice
  • Integration
  • Law choice
  • Severability

Client Administrative Services Agreement Template

That’s all about the quick explanation of the administrative service agreement. We hope this will give you some ideas on how to make it. Use our template and samples to ease your work. We hope this will be very helpful.