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Free Download 11+ Addendum Agreement In Various Formats

If you signed an agreement and wish to make one or some changes, then you will need the addendum agreement. This addendum for the contract is used without validating it and added separately to the original contract. This type of change is often needed to suit the agreement with the time and situation. Sometimes when we have agreed for a long time, we often experience certain unexpected things that will put us in some disadvantages. To avoid such things, the addendum agreement is required and can be applied even though the contract is already completed.

Addendum Vendor Aggrement Template


On this page, we provide you tons of professional addendum templates that you can download for free. The templates are all editable and customizable. It comes with various formats to ease you do the job.

List of Addendum for Contract You Can Download For Free

There is some popular addendum agreement you can download for free, such as:

  • Sales Addendum Template – This template is used in sales management which contains an agreement that a candidate needs to sign before joining a company. By the time goes by, some updates will be done and modifications will be written in this sales addendum template. If you are working on this field, you will need it for sure.
  • Customer Addendum Contract – This agreement is a contract between a customer and the sellers regarding with transaction when you need some changes in the middle of the contract.
  • Addendum for Contract – This is a general addendum agreement with important information about employment. You can grab this template for free with the various format here.
  • Vendor Agreement Addendum – If you always make some deals with the vendor, this is the best thing you can do when you need some changes. The vendor addendum templates can save your day by allowing you and another party making some changes.

Business Addendum Agreement Template

There are still many types of addendum agreements you can download on our page. Just look for the items that suit your field.

Things You Need To Do When Making An Addendum Agreement

  • Look at the elements of an addendum – There are some components you need to underline when planning to make an addendum agreement. These elements include sections, definitions, clauses, and also the terms that need to be modified. However, you are required to write an agreement with the original language, so it is pretty tricky. Usually, this document is needed when you need to adjust the date, specific TOS doesn’t work, the need to remove the clause, deadline extensions and so on.
  • Pay attention to laws – The addendum cannot be applied unless it complies with the original agreement. First, you need to review your original contract and then search the terms that prohibit you to make an addendum. Besides, the addendum cannot be enforceable if both parties don’t understand the new terms and agree with the new changes.

Addendum to Publication Agreement

Downloading the addendum agreement will ease your work. You can learn at the same time and then make it quick because you don’t have to make it from scratch.

Addendum Agreement Sample Template

Addendum Registry Agreement Template

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