Clifton Evers – Newcastle University (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

Above: Clifton Evers. Photo: Devocean

Clifton Evers grew up surfing the Gold Coast, Australia. He has traveled widely for academic work and to surf e.g. Australia, Indonesia, Fiji, Taiwan, New Caledonia, England, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Spain, New Zealand, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Japan, and more. He particularly likes cold water surfing with just the birds for company.

Photo: Evers
Clifton Evers, going left. Photo: Evers

After some years working in restaurants, banks, grocery stores, surf shops, and bakeries he undertook his undergraduate studies at Griffith University, Australia. Clifton then undertook PhD research at the University of Sydney, where he focused his studies on the relationships between surfing and masculinity.

Clifton then went on to do some teaching and research at the Gender and Cultural Studies Department at University of Sydney. He was then a a postdoctoral fellow at the University of New South Wales, Australia. From 2010 to 2015 he was an Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China. Clifton is now a lecturer in media and cultural studies at Newcastle University, UK.

Photo: Evers
What emotions are intersecting with the bodies traversing this space/place? Photo: Evers

Clifton is particularly interested in the intersection of gender, surfing, bodies, space/place, and emotions. His research has been published in peer-reviewed journals, such as Social & Cultural Geography, South Atlantic Quarterly, Journal of Sport and Social Issues, and Cultural Studies Review. Clifton has conducted research on surfing in China. He is also enthusiastic about researching digital media technologies and their presence in surfing. Clifton recently published a chapter on masculinity, surfing, and mobile phones in the Routledge Companion to Mobile Media (Routledge, 2015) and has a chapter in Researching Embodied Sport: Exploring Movement Cultures (Routledge, 2015) about the GoPro camera as a research tool in the sea.

Somewhere in Clifton Evers' vast research universe... Photo: Evers
Somewhere in Clifton Evers’ vast research universe: China… Photo: Evers

A central aim of Clifton’s is to have research brought to and serve the wider public. Clifton’s book Notes For a Young Surfer (Melbourne University Press, 2010) gets involved in debates about masculinity as it pertains to violence, sexism, sexual assault, consumerism, homophobia, and more. Clifton was a chief editor of Kurungabaa–a journal of literature, history and ideas from the sea from 2007-2014; joined in on the surf documentary Out in the Lineup; and has written for surfing publications such as Swellnet.


Back to the office... Photo: Evers
Back to the office… Photo: Evers


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