Since the Critical Surf Studies Reader’s editorial process began, several great initiatives have emerged that intersect with the scholarly and public humanities work that the book’s contributors are engaged in. Among those, has come to the fore by creating content with conviction, reclaiming surfing and media space for a female audience beyond the confines of traditional surf media outlets. The brainchild of Nicole Grodesky and the women of the Institute for Women Surfers, took off in late 2015 and is collaborating with a broad spectrum of surf and action sports personalities to create content meant to empower young women and move the global surfing community beyond endemic surf media’s longstanding “buns and bikinis” representations of women at the beach. With recent collaborations with Carissa Moore, Silvana Lima, Claire Sullivan, and a diverse cast of creative types, their site has much to offer!

Described as “a community-based forum and online resource for all topics related to gender issues in surfing,” their site “is for all surfers, both women and men, who are interested in speaking up on issues and creating a community to empower women in surfing and help build a better future for the next generation of female surfers.”

You can head on over to their site and create an account to contribute blog articles, forum topics, and engage in other community organizing efforts through their comments section. And don’t forget to have a look at the Institute for Women Surfers while you’re at it!