Surfing, Sustainability, and Anthropology Summer Study Abroad in Costa Rica through the University of Georgia

Volume contributors Tara Ruttenberg and Pete Brosius have long been collaborating in the University of Georgia, Costa Rica campus’s summer study abroad program focused on the anthropology of surfing and its relationship to improved sustainability and social equity for collaborators and vendors in surf travel. Their program is currently open for enrollment, through March 1, 2016. See below for information and details.

Program Description

“As a magnet for global surf tourism, Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast is being rapidly transformed today as communities face the complex challenges of promoting sustainability and conserving nature while catering to increasing demands for development and economic growth. Travelling up the coast from south to north, we visit a number of towns and surf destinations to learn how these communities are responding to the changing realities of which they are a part.”

“Viewing the communities we visit through an ethnographic lens at the intersections of political ecology, anthropology, and geography, we meet with local surfers, business owners, tourism operators, and visiting tourists along the way, learning first-hand from the people and places whose stories aren’t often heard. In the process, we engage directly with the many complex issues critical to the debate on international surf tourism, sustainability, and development.”

“In this program, students will explore these issues on the ground (and in the water), receiving 6 credits in 2 course offerings: Communities, Conservation, and Development (ANTH/GEOG 4275/6275) and the Anthropology of Surfing (ANTH4900/6900).”

Of the countless pairings of higher education and surfing with varying degrees of seriousness and academic rigor, this program offers the highest standard of rigorous critical coursework with a core disciplinary focus in Anthropology and the Social Sciences–no Mickey Mouse talk of surf studies in a disciplinary vacuum, here! The program is also fully accredited through the University of Georgia, an accredited top-tier research institution, and credit is often transferable to other American colleges and universities. For skeptical academic colleagues, I would like to emphasize that there is no nebulous organization or unaccredited for-profit entity involved with this program and further administrative specifics to the program can be found via the University of Georgia, Costa Rica Campus and their partner office on the UGA campus in Athens, Georgia.

Interested parties or curious colleagues can find more information at their official site or by contacting Tara Ruttenberg or Pete Brosius through the program site. Enrollment is open to undergraduates or graduate students through MARCH 1, 2016: