Chris Gibson – University of Wollongong (NSW, Australia)

Chris Gibson is Professor of Human Geography and Director of the University of Wollongong’s Global Challenges Program.

Authored and Edited Books:


  • Gibson, C (in press) ‘Material inheritances: how place, materiality and labor process underpin the path-dependent evolution of contemporary craft production’, Economic Geography.
  • Gibson, C, Head, L and Carr, C (2015) ‘From incremental change to radical disjuncture: rethinking household sustainability practices as survival skills’, Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 105, 2, 416-424.
  • Gibson, C (2015) ‘Negotiating regional creative economies: academics as expert intermediaries advocating progressive alternatives’, Regional Studies, 49, 3, 476-479
  • Carr, C and Gibson, C (2015) ‘Geographies of making: rethinking materials and skills for volatile futures’, Progress in Human Geography, DOI: 10.1177/0309132515578775
  • Gibson, C (2014) ‘Souvenirs, materialities and animal encounters: following Texas cowboy boots’, Tourist Studies, 14, 3, 286–301.
  • Gibson, C and Warren, A (2014) ‘Making surfboards: emergence of a trans-Pacific cultural industry’, Journal of Pacific History, 49, 1, 1-25
  • Gibson, C (2013) ‘Music festivals and regional development policy: towards a festival ecology, Perfect Beat: The Pacific Journal of Research Into Contemporary Music and Popular Culture, 14, 2, 140-157
  • Head, L, Farbotko, C, Gibson, C, Gill, N and Waitt, G (2013) ‘Zones of friction, zones of traction: the connected household in climate change and sustainability policy’, Australasian Journal of Environmental Management, 20, 4, 351-362
  • Warren, A and Gibson, C (2013) ‘Making things in a high-dollar Australia: the case of the surfboard industry’, Journal of Australian Political Economy, 71, 26-50
  • Gibson, C (2012) ‘Cultural Economy: Achievements, Divergences, Future Prospects’, Geographical Research, 50, 3, 282–290
  • Gibson, C, Carr, C and Warren, A (2012) ‘A country that makes things?’, Australian Geographer, 43, 2, 109-113.
  • Head, L and Gibson, C (2012) ‘Becoming differently modern: geographic contributions to a generative climate politics’, Progress in Human Geography, 36, 6, 699-714
  • Klocker, N, Gibson, C and Borger, E (2012) ‘Living together, but apart: Material geographies of everyday sustainability in extended family households’, Environment and Planning A, 44, 2240-2259
  • Gibson, C, Head, L, Gill, N and Waitt, G (2011) ‘Climate change and household dynamics: beyond consumption, unbounding sustainability’, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 36, 1, 3-8
  • Gibson, C (2010) ‘Geographies of tourism: (un)ethical encounters’, Progress in Human Geography, 34, 4, 521-527
  • Gibson, C, Waitt, G, Walmsley, J and Connell, J (2010) ‘Cultural festivals and economic development in regional Australia’, Journal of Planning Education and Research, 29, 3, 280-293
  • Gibson, C (2009) ‘Geographies of tourism: critical research on capitalism and local livelihoods’, Progress in Human Geography, 33, 4, 527-534

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